What is Somatic Experiencing?

Somatic Experiencing is a body-oriented modality that underpins all the work that I do. It’s a powerful trauma healing intervention based on the understanding of our nervous system and the physiology of trauma.

Dr. Peter Levine, who developed this method, spent years studying stress on the animal nervous system. He realized that wild animals are constantly under threat of death, yet show no symptoms of trauma. What he discovered was that trauma has to do with the survival response to perceived life threat. If this response doesn’t complete, then that charge that is generated for our survival stays trapped in our body. And, from the body’s perspective, it is still under threat.

The Somatic Experiencing method works to release this stored energy and turn off this threat alarm that causes severe dysregulation and dissociation. SE helps people understand this body response to trauma and work through a “body first” approach to healing.

What to expect in my sessions?

As a practitioner in training I combine Somatic Experiencing with other modalities, namely trauma-informed yoga and EFT tapping.

In a pure Somatic Experiencing session, I use body awareness tools and physical exercises to help you settle, ground and find resources. As we proceed working through difficult emotions, sensations or situations in a very gradual and titrated way, we’ll keep revisiting these resources. This back and forth process in Somatic Experiencing is called pendulation. It follows the flow of the nervous system – moving between activation and settling to help you come out of the fixated state caused by acute/ chronic stress or trauma.

It’s a very organic and gentle process of working with whatever arises in the present moment, noticing it in your body and allowing it to release. We are not diving right into the core of trauma, but rather approaching it from the periphery. The goal is to help you find a felt sense of relief and ease before we take a step deeper – building resilience one step at a time.

During the session it’s common to experience a release or energy or emotional discharge – a sign of completion of a stress response cycle. And quite often you’ll feel lighter and more relaxed after the session.


60 USD for an hour-long session or

150 USD for a package of 3 sessions

Would like to have a session with me?

I’m based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and offer online sessions via Zoom.

You can schedule a FREE 20-minute evaluation session to help me understand your needs and see how I can support you.