Helping women befriend their bodies and their nervous system

your body is intelligent, your body is your guide, your body is a healer

Your body has the innate capacity to regulate and heal itself. Our job is not to fix it but to help restore its resilience.

If we haven’t met before…

Elena Jacinta - Back to your Body - Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing

I'm Elena Jacinta

I’m a trauma-informed somatic practitioner based in Southeast Asia. 

I support women on their journey of healing from chronic stress and trauma through Somatic Experiencing – a body-oriented therapeutic approach developed by Dr. Peter Levine.

Here’s what I offer:

Somatic Experiencing trauma healing sessions: Asia & Online

Hypervigilance, emotional overwhelm, sleep problems, numbness,  persistent fatigue and difficulties setting boundaries are just some of the signs of chronic stress and trauma that my clients come to me with.

But trauma is not in the event, nor it is just in our head. It is held in the nervous system and in the tissues of our body.

In my Somatic Experiencing sessions, I’ll help you regulate your nervous system and restore your deep connection to the body that holds the implicit memory of what happened in the past.

We’ll gradually release, renegotiate and repair layers of stress and trauma so you can feel more present, alive and more like yourself.

And we’ll do it gently and safely, letting the healing unfold in its own time.

Guidance in healing single traumatic events and repeated trauma

I specialize in helping women navigate the complex path of healing from shock & relational trauma.
Healing Attachments
I guide women through the delicate process of healing early attachment wounds and developmental trauma, and provide the support needed to reclaim their sense of self and connection.
Thriving Beyond Shock Trauma
I also assist women in reconnecting with their bodies and rediscovering their sense of wholeness and agency after facing shock trauma, such as surgeries, accidents or physical attacks to name just a few. 
Healing Across Generations
Furthermore, I find immense fulfilment in supporting the healing of intergenerational and ancestral trauma allowing women find strength and resilience for themselves and the generations to come.

What my past clients say

"Elena is an excellent facilitator whose calm and non-judgmental presence provides a very safe space for me to explore what’s going on in my body. Each session brought me lots of insights and healing and Somatic Experiencing with Elena helped me tremendously to be more grounded and present in my body. Thank you so much!"
Hong Kong/ Thailand
"From our first meeting, I felt Elena held such a caring space. It was so easy to be vulnerable with her which allowed me to touch some very deep places in a relatively short amount of time. She provided, not only, a safe space for my inner world to unfold, but tools for me to manage it with her and on my own. She taught me how to slow down my mental narrative and just be with my body, where the real energy is. Thanks again!"
"I feel that Elena is truly assisting with my healing. She is very kind and attentive. She led me gently so that I wouldn't get overwhelmed by strong emotions and sensations. Following the session I have had a feeling of joy and freedom. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

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Healing is a personal journey, and it would be my honour to walk this path with you. If you’re ready to take the next step and would like to know how I can assist you with your healing, I invite you to connect with me.


Reach out today with any questions you may have, whether you’re in Asia or other parts of the world.
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