Trauma-informed somatics for healing because…

your body is intelligent, your body is your guide, your body is a healer.

Your body has the innate capacity to regulate and heal itself, and it strives for homeostasis. Our job is not to fix it but to help restore its resilience. This way, your nervous system can return to its natural state of flow capable of withstanding stress, while your body can come back to a healthy, restful state.

If we haven’t met before…

Elena Jacinta - Back to your Body - trauma-informed somatic practitioner

Welcome, I’m Elena Jacinta!


I help sensitive people find relief and healing from symptoms of chronic stress and trauma through body-oriented modalities such as Somatic Experiencing and trauma-informed yoga.

Here are several ways you can work with me:

Trauma-Informed Somatics for Healing

Trauma-informed = safe & sensitive to trauma.

Somatic = body-oriented.

Somatic Experiencing Sessions


Find relief from symptoms of stress and trauma.


Do you struggle to relax, sleep or manage your strong emotions? Or are you experiencing physical tension, numbness or fatigue? In my private sessions, I’ll help you befriend your body and your nervous system so that you can relax, calm the emotional chaos, feel lighter in your body & have more energy.

I work gently and safely, creating a supportive space for healing to unfold in its own time.


Sleep Program


Balance your nervous system to sleep better.


Over the course of 1 to 2 months, we’ll work on restoring your sleep through 1:1 somatic sessions, email coaching, video lessons and much more.

The goal of the program is to help you safely release charge from your body that keeps you wired and tired. And we’ll do that by regulating your nervous system so that you can build resilience to stress and sleep peacefully throughout the night.


"I came to the session frazzled, stressed and ungrounded. So I greatly appreciated Elena's calm, non-judgmental and soothing energy. She helped me sense into my body and get grounded. It was a very eye-opening experience, bringing me closer to myself."
Barbara Kraemer
Montreal, Canada
"It was so transformative and healing. I highly recommend her to anyone feeling in a funk, noticing they're reactive instead of responsive or just not quite feeling themselves."
Greensborough, Australia

Self-Regulation 101

Learn simple somatic exercises to regulate your nervous system and help you feel calmer and more grounded.

You are welcome to join my mailing list and download my free Self-Regulation 101 e-book.

Additionally, about once a month, receive updates and resources to help you befriend your body and your nervous system.

Self-Regulation e-book - trauma-informed somatics for healing

Your Body's Wisdom

online course
Connect to the wisdom of your body and your nervous system.

This free course will introduce you to the world of trauma-informed somatics and how you can start using your body’s wisdom for healing. 

Here you will learn about your nervous system and its automatic responses. Also, you will learn about body-mind connection, and understand how trauma shows up in the body. And most importantly, you’ll get to try simple somatic tools for self-regulation. 

Learn more…