"I believe that the journey towards true healing and fulfillment in life starts by reconnecting to our bodies. It is by coming home to ourselves and understanding the inner working of our nervous system that we can start feeling empowered and make healthier choices and decisions in life."
Elena Jacinta
Founder of Back to your Body & Facilitator of Trauma-Informed yoga
Back to your Body - Trauma informed yoga

Have you experienced trauma or chronic stress that keeps affecting your life?

Maybe you are lacking energy, feeling stiff and disconnected from your body?

Or it could be that you find many exercise programs too triggering and frustrating?

If this is the case, gentle trauma-informed yoga classes might be right for you.

Trauma-informed yoga is all about creating a nourishing and safe environment so that you can be present with yourself just as you are. It is about meeting you with kindness, encouragement and non-judgement. But most importantly, these classes are there to help you feel at-home in your own body, build greater resilience and self-regulation whatever you are facing in life!

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When your energy level is too low, strength or fitness exercises may be completely out of the question. This is especially true if you are dealing with severe fatigue. But there are still ways to work on your body very gently. And the key is to find the type of exercise that works best for YOU. For instance, this could be gentle yoga, Qigong, stretching, or maybe just mindful breathing.

The feelings of overwhelm, restlessness and anxiety originate in the instinctual part of our brain. These responses are spontaneous – this is how our autonomic nervous system communicates. So the best way to regulate these responses is by engaging the body.

Grounding and self-regulation tools are simple body-oriented exercises. They can help you come back to your ‘center’ whenever you need it.

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