Somatic Experiencing sessions online

Somatic Experiencing sessions online

Somatic Experiencing in Asia
Somatic Experiencing in Asia
My team and I offer sessions in Somatic Experiencing working across time zones in Asia and online.
Feel free to read more about me and my approach here. Or get in touch to get referred to a member of my team.

Our online Somatic Experiencing sessions might be right for you IF YOU…

  • are experiencing symptoms of chronic stress or trauma;
  • have done talk therapy but feel the need to work with the body.

What is Somatic Experiencing or SE?

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a form of body-oriented or somatic therapy. It’s a powerful trauma healing intervention based on the understanding of our nervous system and the physiology of trauma.

Dr Peter Levine, who developed this somatic healing method, spent years studying stress on the animal nervous system. He realized that wild animals are constantly under threat of death yet show no trauma symptoms. And what he discovered was that trauma has to do with the survival response to perceived life threat. So if this response doesn’t complete, then that charge that is generated for our survival stays trapped in our bodies. And, from the body’s perspective, it is still under threat.

The Somatic Experiencing method works to release this stored energy from the body. And it turns off this threat alarm through a “body first” approach to healing. 

SE is effectively used to heal both shock and developmental trauma. Some of the types of trauma include: violence, physical and emotional abuse, witnessing horror, medical trauma, accidents, falls, near-drowning, natural disasters, transgenerational and collective trauma, as well as prenatal, perinatal and childhood trauma, also known as developmental trauma.

What to expect from our sessions?

As somatic practitioners, we work with the nervous system primarily through the body. And this is how the magic and transformation happen in our sessions. Sensing and noticing what is happening inside requires patience, and sometimes courage. Also, at times, it may feel awkward. So our job is to help to navigate whatever arises and gently guide you on this journey towards physical and emotional healing and transformation. 

What will the sessions be like?

To start with, we’ll use body awareness tools and physical exercises to help you settle, ground and find resources. As we proceed to work through difficult emotions, sensations or situations in a very gradual and titrated way, we’ll keep revisiting these resources. This back and forth process in Somatic Experiencing is called pendulation – it follows the flow of the nervous system. So we’ll move between activation and settling to help you come out of the fixated state caused by stress or trauma.

It’s a very organic and gentle process of working with whatever arises in the present moment. First, noticing it in your body and then allowing it to release. But instead of diving right into the core of trauma, we’ll be approaching it from the periphery. And the goal is to help you find a felt sense of relief and ease before we take a step deeper. Thus building resilience one step at a time.

"Elena is an amazing practitioner. In my personal sessions with her, I’ve often found that her mere presence, her nourishing attention and gentle guidance, can bring me to a heightened awareness of my inner state and thus a ton of release and healing. I love her soothing, soft voice as well, and her persona that radiates healing energy. "
"Elena was very gentle and prioritized my felt safety as we slowly explored and worked through some traumatic memories and helped me be more grounded and present in my body. My experience during our session along with some tools she gave me to use on my own helped me gain insight and appreciation for how important our relationships with our bodies are when healing trauma. I left the session feeling whole and empowered to continue my healing journey and to honor it's process. Thank you so much! "

What we can help with?

Symptoms of chronic stress and trauma we help with:

  • Difficulty calming down, managing emotions and overwhelm
  • Difficulty setting boundaries
  • Feeling stuck
  • Feeling numb or disconnected from the body
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Sleep issues, insomnia, nightmares
  • Psychosomatic symptoms, pain, tension and fatigue
  • Relational issues & attachment wound

What we offer in our Somatic Experiencing Sessions:

  • Safe space to explore, navigate and release strong emotions
  • Support in regulating /balancing the nervous system
  • Tools and information on how you can self-regulate 
  • Help in finding your ground and reconnecting with yourself 
  • Help in releasing physical blocks and tension so you can feel more at home in your body
  • Guidance in repairing early attachment wounds

Please note: we are not medical professionals, licensed psychologists or trauma therapists. So we don’t give medical or psychological advice, treatment or diagnosis. Also, we don’t offer counselling support as this is beyond the scope of our practice.

Work with me

I work with women healing from single event and developmental trauma and I’m currently accepting new clients for both online and in-person sessions. 

I believe in long-term work as our nervous system and our bodies take time to rewire and repair. This process cannot be rushed.


75 EUR for a single one-hour session or 210 EUR for a package of 3 sessions that can be used within a month.

Schedule your first short Somatic Experiencing session online. 

In this online intro session you’ll get to experience the somatic process and ask any questions you may have. We will also clarify your goals and desired outcomes, so I can advise you on the next steps. 

See Online Booking Page

Work with my team

The members of my team are Somatic Experiencing practitioners specialising in trauma and working with men, women and teenagers. They are based in Asia and offer Somatic Experiencing sessions online.


Starts at 70 EUR for a 50-mins long session. 

Please get in touch with a few details about you and the kind of support you are looking for so I can connect you to the suitable practitioner.