What is trauma-informed EFT tapping?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique also known as ’emotional acupuncture’. It’s a simple yet effective psycho-physiological stress management tool, and as the name suggests, it helps to release emotional intensity related to an issue or event. Meanwhile, trauma-informed approach means that we work with this issue or event in a safe and regulated way avoiding the risk of re-traumatization.

How it works

Tapping in its original form is based on the ancient system of acupuncture. EFT tapping uses only a number of acupoints, located mainly on the upper part of the body. These acupoints have a powerful impact on the way the brain responds to stress and processes information. In an EFT session we stimulate these points by tapping on them with our fingertips while at the same time focusing on a difficult emotion or sensation. When we do that, we send a signal back to the stress center in our brain which reduces the emotional charge associated with a particular event, issue, or behavior pattern.

Trauma-informed means safe

Sometimes a seemingly trivial issue or situation can have roots in trauma. You may or may not be aware of it but, either way, we want to work safely, within your ‘window of tolerance’. It means no pushing through discomfort, no forcing to feel something that is intolerable, no stirring up overwhelming emotions or memories.

The body and the nervous system needs to feel safe to let go of the survival mechanisms triggered by chronic stress or trauma, and it needs time to integrate new experiences. This is why we’ll work slowly and gently, allowing time for integration to happen.

What to expect in my sessions?

In my sessions, I combine EFT tapping with Somatic Experiencing, another body-mind modality. It complements EFT really well as it helps to regulate the nervous system by focusing on physical sensations.

I usually start the session by letting you tune into you body, settle and find resources. This is particularly useful before we begin our work, as well as during the session. Pausing, grounding and revisiting the resources allows us to balance the nervous system. This is important when we work with heavy emotions or difficult situations that may have roots in deeper trauma.

We then identify what you’d like to work on. And proceed by tapping and/or using other somatic tools to help you experience relief.

Think of an issue as an onion, and our work together as peeling off its layers. Layer after layer, we’ll eventually get to the core. But we don’t want to rush this process. Instead, we want to give your body and your nervous system time to integrate the new experience.

The process of working with an old recurring pattern or problem, may take time. But even after the first session it is common to experience relief and clarity as it relates to the issue or situation you are dealing with.


60 USD for an hour-long session or

150 USD for a package of 3 sessions

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