When you just can’t get out of bed in the morning – gentle movement for morning fatigue

It’s a horrible feeling when you wake up in the morning feeling so weak that it’s almost impossible to get out of bed and get moving. When the fatigue is so extreme and the weakness so profound that you end up staying in bed all day eventually feeling even more depleted.

Understanding the root cause whatever it may be (i.e. the level of cortisol and blood sugar, disturbed circadian rhythm, imbalance of the nervous system etc.) and addressing it directly is what’s going give you lasting results in the long run.

In this post, however, we won’t focus on the treatment, but on the tools that can assist you along the way.

So while you are dealing with the root cause of your morning fatigue, these simple steps and practices can help you make your mornings more manageable:


Yoga poses you can do in bed when dealing with insomnia and fatigue

Yoga poses you can do in bed for insomnia and fatigue

One of the nastiest symptoms of chronic fatigue is not even the tiredness itself, it’s a disturbed sleeping pattern and insomnia when even at night you can’t regain your energy through a restful sleep. And worrying about not being able to sleep is a whole other issue that adds to the problem.

The exercises I mentioned in the previous post work really well when it comes to reducing stress and winding down before going to bed, or even when you wake up at night. But here I’ll talk about something I’ve tried recently during yet another sleepless night and really loved it. It’s doing yoga in bed!