Learn to regulate your nervous system to feel calmer and more grounded

Most often we hear about self-regulation tools when we talk about calming down when we are stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious. But in fact, self-regulation means that you are NOT ONLY able to soothe yourself when you are activated and on edge (down-regulate your nervous system), you ALSO know how to ground or energize when you are disconnected or your mind is foggy (up-regulate your nervous system).

Body-oriented self-regulation tools are there to help you come back to your ‘center’ whenever you need it.

Self-Regulation Tools - 5 day challenge

Who is it for:

Anyone who is experiencing mild dysregulation and would like to learn how to balance their emotional state;

Anyone who is not familiar with self-regulation and would like to learn simple practical tools that can be used in their daily life.

What to expect:

Every day you’ll get an email with ONE self-regulation tool – a simple somatic exercise for you to try (exercises will be shared in a text format).

In the final email, you’ll receive a video with ALL the exercises weaved into a gentle yoga sequence that you can follow along.

What’s on the menu:

Day 1 – Finding ‘resources’ to cultivate a sense of safety in your body
Day 2 – Grounding to come back to the present moment and feel focused
Day 3 – Using touch to self-soothe and feel your body as a safe container
Day 4 – ‘Voo’ breathing to stimulate the Vagus Nerve
Day 5 – Mindful movement to reconnect with the body and feel good in your skin

By the end of these 5-days you will:

  • have 5 different tools you can use for self-regulation
  • learn to observe your body and your nervous system
  • become more aware of your physical sensations and how they are connected to your emotional state
  • feel calmer, more grounded, and more regulated

Join this 5-day experience and learn basic somatic exercises to regulate your nervous system.

Self-soothing and grounding tools - video resources

It’s really useful to have several grounding and self-soothing techniques in your toolkit. Some will work for you on some occasions while not on the others. But what’s important is that the more you work with your physical body and really listen to its cues, the more you will understand what tool or technique from your personal toolkit you need at any given moment to self-regulate – and that’s really empowering!

Video resources are coming SOON!
You can sign-up for Self-Regulation 101 and join the mailing list to be notified as soon as they are released.

Meanwhile, you can read about the Grounding Exercises for Stress, Anxiety and Fatigue.