Gentle exercises for chronic fatigue and chronic pain with Rabea

Gentle Exercises for Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Pain

These gentle mostly seated and prone exercises for chronic fatigue and chronic pain suitable for people with CFS/ ME, Fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. Here you will find short movement sequences and techniques taken from Yoga, Qigong, Pilates etc. Each class can be taken separately or as a sequence of exercises that build on top of each other.

1. Grounding exercise to remove stagnation in the body and enhance blood, lymph, and energy flow

This exercise and self-massage can be done on the mat, leaning against the wall, on the edge of a chair, or even standing. It’s about tapping down and up the meridians or energy lines of the body with a loose fist. This exercise helps to activate the skin, warm up the muscles, and remove stagnation that can show up as pain. If done from head to toe, it brings the energy down from the head into the body and effectively grounds you.

2. Balancing and deeply calming exercise for anxiety and back pain

This especially calming exercise focuses on deep breathing. It gently activates the area of the back with its big back muscles along the spine, the fascia layers of the back, and Urinary Bladder Meridian (running along the left and right side of the spine). It can help calm down anxiety, promote restful sleep, and enhance a feeling of physical comfort.

3. Deeply calming exercise to enhance sleep and relaxation

This exercise gently massages the inside of the arms and effectively stimulates the Heart, Pericardium, and Lung Meridian. Please feel free to experiment with the pressure of your hand while moving it over the arm. The light brush mainly stimulated the lymph system and the meridians. It can be used when the skin feels painful and too sensitive to touch. Firmer touch massages and warms the muscles and moves the upper layer of the fascia and stimulates the meridians. 

4. Energy-boosting wall exercises to relieve back and neck pain

These wall exercises are great energy boosters. This is because they take off the weight of the body, so you can rest on the mat and still exercise passively. Here you’ll be activating the back of the legs, opening the hips and the groin, stretching the glutes and releasing back pain. The neck stretch is an amazing exercise to effectively release neck, shoulder, and upper back tension. It can also help to relieve headaches/ migraines.

5. Gentle movement exercise to activate the spine and the upper body

This wonderful movement exercise will bring you gently in contact with your body by carefully stimulating your spine and the upper body. It also stimulates the Urinary Bladder meridian, the Gallbladder meridian, the hip area, beautifully opens up the chest and invites deeper breathing.

6. Grounding and dynamic chest and back stimulation to regain new energy

This exercise allows you to try out something more energetic while staying grounded and stable. Please check your energy level before trying out this exercise. Rolling the spine up and down, when connected to a long deep breath, relieves back and neck tension, promotes deep breathing and deep relaxation. The gentle side twists activate the back of the legs (Urinary Bladder Meridian) and the sides of the body (Gallbladder Meridian).They help with back pain, shoulder and neck pain.


Each video of gentle exercises for chronic fatigue and chronic pain is designed specifically to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which enhances relaxation. It is responsible for restoration of the mind, the body, and its functions. These gentle exercises for chronic fatigue and chronic pain also gently stimulate energy in the body. Stretching the fascia enhances the lymph and blood flow. It also helps to release muscle tension and soreness in the body, and increase your range of motion and flexibility.

Each class can be taken separately or as a sequence of exercises that build on top of each other. Also, each movement/ sequence can be practiced in a gentle or in a more dynamic way. You can play with the quality and the pace of movement according to your current level of energy. Please be mindful before and during each exercise. Pause in between, for example, in a short Savasana pose (1-2 min) or child’s pose (1-2 min) in order to listen and to observe any signs of exhaustion, etc. The process of slowing down together with your mindfulness can become a real teacher on a journey of healing and coming home to the body.


Rabea Klatt is a Yin Yoga and Qigong instructor, and a creator of what she calls QiYinFusion. She is also a certified classical homeopath and herbalist. She currently works and teaches in the North of Germany.

For more than ten years, Rabea has been following her passion for learning about and working with the body and the mind. She integrates approaches like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gestalt Therapy, Inner Child Work, Non-Violent Communication, and Somatic Experiencing into her work.

Rabea studied Yin Yoga with well-known teachers like Sarah Powers (USA), Paul Grilley (USA), and Bernie Clark (Canada). She has completed her 330 hours certified yoga teacher training course.

During her training as a CAM practitioner, she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine for three years. She also spent almost ten years studying and practicing Qi Gong in Germany, Scotland, Thailand, and China.

In her work as an international teacher and a CAM practitioner, she focuses particularly on “illnesses” like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, and chronic pain issues.

For more information about Rabea and her work, check out her website or connect with her via Facebook.