Free Somatic Resources

Self-Regulation 101

Free Somatic Resources - Self-Regulation e-book
Learn simple somatic exercises to help you feel calmer and more grounded.

This e-book contains 4 basic somatic exercises that you can do on your own whenever you feel mildly dysregulated. At the end of the book, you will find a link to a short movement video that combines all of these somatic tools into one sequence.

    Your Body's Wisdom

    online course
    Connect to the wisdom of your body and your nervous system.

    This free course will introduce you to the world of trauma-informed somatics and how you can start using your body’s wisdom for healing. 

    Here you will learn about your nervous system and its automatic responses. And most importantly, you’ll get to try simple somatic tools for self-regulation.

    Yin Yoga for Fatigue

    video classes
    Down-regulate your nervous system through gentle passive stretches.

    These short adapted trauma-informed Yin Yoga classes are designed to calm you down as you passively stretch and lengthen your deeper connective tissues, creating more space in the body. This helps to release chronic muscle tension and give you more energy.      


    Elena Jacinta - About (2)

    I hope you enjoyed these free resources

    If you need support in regulating your nervous system and looking for guidance in resolving past trauma using the wisdom of your body, please reach out and book your first short online session with me. I offer Somatic Experiencing sessions remotely, working with women from all over the world.

    I specialise in somatic healing of:
    - single event or shock trauma;
    - developmental trauma and attachment wounds;
    - intergenerational or ancestral trauma.

    I would love to discuss with you how I can support you on your healing journey.

    Elena Jacinta
    trauma-informed somatic practitioner