trauma-informed yoga with Elena

Hi, I’m Elena Jacinta.

I’m a trauma-informed somatic practitioner helping people find relief from symptoms of chronic stress and trauma using the wisdom of their bodies.


I was born in Latvia, and for about 15 years worked as a professional contemporary dance artist, touring and teaching across countries in Europe. While living in London I was introduced to various somatic practices which I often used in my work. But it was not until I had burnout and was going through a personal crisis that I truly appreciated the subtle healing power of these body-mind tools.

That time I was dealing with several psychosomatic symptoms, including sleep disorder, that made me feel so exhausted that I was barely functioning. And it was then that I started to research the impact of chronic stress and trauma on our nervous system and study the ‘bottom up’ (i.e. body-oriented) approach to healing it.

Understanding the physiology of trauma was the missing piece in my own recovery. This knowledge along with trauma-informed somatic tools and therapy helped me regulate my nervous system and dramatically improve my health. And this is the knowledge and tools that I use with my clients who, like me, have tried almost everything in search of relief.

trauma-informed yoga with Elena

I believe in a slow and mindful approach to working with the body and the nervous system. And gentle trauma-informed yoga offers a safe and nurturing space to do that. I use trauma-informed yoga with clients who struggle to relax, ground and self-regulate. Mindful movement along with the breath can do wonders for the dysregulated nervous system that needs support. It also helps to work those tense muscles and fascia, promoting deeper rest and relaxation.

I also believe in the interconnection of our mind and body and that it is possible to release many unhelpful emotional, mental and behavioural patterns by engaging our body-mind. This is why in my combined trauma-informed EFT tapping and Somatic Experiencing® sessions I address both physical and emotional aspects of an issue. And I offer time and space for my clients to release those patterns in a safe and regulated way. This is especially important if a client has experienced some form of trauma.

“Elena was very professional and thoughtful in her approach, and had a therapeutic and soft voice. Her presence was calm and compassionate. She was able to help me see myself through new eyes a few times and helped me express, explore and release feelings through her combination of Somatics and EFT. It was an eye-opening experience, and it also helped me sleep better. I would recommend her to anyone who has experienced trauma, especially women who tend to be on the more sensitive, quieter side, like myself.”
Amanda Bartlett
Boston, Massachusetts

300-CYT, EFTP, SE trainee

I’m a certified yoga teacher and I have completed 300 hours of teacher training. I studied both traditional Hatha and Yin Yoga specialising in functional anatomy and the mental health approach.

I’m also a certified EFT tapping practitioner and a member of the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA).

At the moment, I’m doing my 3-year professional training in Somatic Experiencing® at Somatic Experiencing International. As a practitioner in training I integrate many of the SE tools into my sessions.

* Please note that I’m not a psychologist, psychotherapist, physician, or other licensed health care provider. Therefore, I do not provide any medical or psychological advice, opinion, treatments or diagnosis.

Work with me

I’m currently based in Chiang Mai, Thailand and offer online sessions in trauma-informed yoga, trauma-informed EFT tapping and Somatic Experiencing.

You can schedule a FREE 20-minute evaluation call with me. I’ll be happy to connect and find the best way I can support you during my sessions!