Helping you befriend your body and your nervous system through safe practices and gentle exercises

Welcome! My name is Elena, and I’m the creator of Back to your Body.

I started Back to your Body believing that the way to true healing and fulfillment in life starts by reconnecting to our body. It is by coming home to ourselves and understanding the inner working of our nervous system that we can start feeling empowered and make healthier choices and decisions in life. 

There’s no way to rush and to force this process, though. So let’s take it slowly, one step at a time!

About me…

Are you struggling with fatigue or muscular tension? Or maybe you just want to feel calmer and more relaxed? In this is the case, you are in the right place. 

Here at Back to your Body you will find a variety of safe practices, gentle exercises and self-care tools that can help you reconnect with your body. They are designed not only to balance your nervous system and release physical tension, but also help you understand your physical limits, and therefore, manage and gradually improve your level of energy. 

So feel free to explore our free resources to find the tools that suit your body best!

We carefully select and adapt the material and practices we share to make them more accessible and enjoyable. And we are here to assist you on your journey back home – back to your body!

Who is it for…

Collaborators and Contributors

Rabea Klatt

Yin Yoga & Qigong Instructor and a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioner working with chronic fatigue and chronic pain issues. Check Rabea's Gentle Exercises for Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Pain.

Asis Vendrell & Patricia Navarro

Qigong Instructors. Watch Qigong for Fatigue video classes demonstrated by Asis and Patricia, or read about the Therapeutic Benefits of Qigong for Fatigue (conversation with Asis).

Esther White

Restorative Yoga teacher. Watch her Restorative Yoga video demonstrations designed to down-regulate your nervous system.

Cat Boal

Yoga teacher and meditation facilitator. Listen to a Yoga Nidra meditation for insomnia and fatigue recorded by Cat.

Sofija Borojevic

Psychologist and mindfulness coach. Read about the Mindfulness Techniques for Burnout and Fatigue compiled by Sofija.